If the comics medium had an analog in the world of exercise, it would be the pushup.

Hello. This site is the culmination of some years of dreaming, conceiving and effort on the part of myself and some dedicated friends.  For now, this site will be used to primarily house the first comics I have made from 2017 to early 2020. 

In the coming year I will be adding the fourth Chimeras of Holden County book – whose writing duties are being handled by Robert McFee.  I will also be adding a flipbook collaboration between myself and fellow artist, Jessie Anne Clark.

I have some plans going forward for the purely passive parts of the website, including adding a section of blog posts showcasing some of my dead-ends and abandoned concept works, and some small collaborative artworks I have been doing with a group of likeminded folks over at The Comic Jam, for all to see.

I hope you check back often.

-Maximilian, January 13th, 2020