Webcomic – The Wallflower Society

Over the summer I got the idea for a group of time travellers who live within a universe where the physics of time travel are only possible where people are dancing. So, this would mean that they could only arrive at times and locations where people are dancing such as at balls, school dances, proms, etc. You get the picture. “But Max,” I suppose you ask, “Why?” I have no answer other than it’s a neat concept and I wanted to capture it. Inspiration strikes when it will, so in the Autumn of 2019 I created the comic found on this page.

This will be printed soon, independently. When that happens I will provide a link to that comic right from this very location.

Click the left and right arrows to navigate this comic.There are 9 pages in total. The pages are presented in a slider, which doesn’t work really well on mobile devices, so if you can read the comic on a larger screen, you might be happier. Page 3 contains the bulk of the hard-to-read text so I have added that copy below the slider for easier reading.

Time Displacement

The Temporal Whipperool, or Kronodaemon, is the primary breakthrough of society founder Mildred Coin. Invented in 1967, the Whipperool enables the fundamental particle envelope which in turn allows for personal chrono-extraction.

Early in the next decade, coin added guidance amplification to the Whipperool – christening the paired device the Gnomon – making it a viable means of targeted temporal displacement. In the years before guidance amplification, your unlucky adventurer would simply appear at the next agglomeration of Revelers.

Revelers and Partiers are the only known means of temporal node creation within a given timeline. It has been shown, and is generally accepted scientific knowledge, that parties of a given mass of six or more human subjects set to a frenzy of dancing, or more rarely horseplay, will complete and solidify the temporal ring required to bake a node into the historic timeline. Baked Nodes (aka Historical Nodes) are our only known means of time displacement.

Any dance will do, as long as there is a sufficient number of participants to give form to the historical node. Forms of group dance including ballet, tango, swing, the cha-cha-cha, salsa, tap, folk dances, breakdancing, circle dancing, maypole dances, square, circle and line dances (or any shape you like, really). The Bunny HopThe Chicken Dance – every manner of school dance, or even a wedding dance will form a sufficient historical node. The Electric Slide is a particularly good for an adventurer, given the participating revelers tend to be sufficiently impaired and readied for the sudden appearance of an adventurer.


The Timestream


Unfortunately, the further back one goes, the picture becomes a tad darker. We cannot visit dinosaurs, sorry to say. Not many dinos doing the polka.


As stated, Organized dance provides a lattice of options for the adventuring traveller. The effects of modern dancing, clubbing, raving, and other forms far and wide have provided many on-and-off ramps for your modern time-adventurer. Some of the best parties in history await you in your travels. Consider attending Czar Nicholas and Alexandria’s Wedding Ball in 1903. Lots of good waltz’s there for the intrepid adventurer. Or visit the Sultan of Brunei at his big soirée in 1996. Or visit the Compte Etienne de Beaumont’s many masked balls!


You are here, we presume.


Remember, unlike time travel you may have seen in the movies,time travel in the real world is limited to the historical using this method.

Mildred Coin, Founder of The Wallflower Society